Amazing natural phenomena


These two bodies of water were merging in the middle of the gulf and there was a foam developing only at their junction.[source]




  1. brian says:

    i find it odd that no one has commented on this

    • Hamid says:

      This fact is clearly mentioned in the Holy Quran in the Chapter 55. Surah Ar-Rahman (The Most Gracious). These are:

      19. He has let loosed the two seas (the salt water and the sweet) meeting together.

      20. Between them is a barrier which none of them can transgress.

      21. Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?

      • Logical thought says:

        LOL seafoam isint stopping anyone from transgressing. stop turing everything religious and join the civilized world

        • Common Sense says:

          The Sea Foam is not stopping anyone from transgressing. Its preventing the two bodies of water from transgressing into each other’s territories.

          • Boo Radley says:

            Perhaps the foam marks the line of transgression.

          • religion = ridiculous says:

            stop making everything religious, it has already been proven false by scientific facts. the foam has a scientific reason for why it is occurring, whether it be from different currents or depths of sea or who knows what other reason. but for the life of me its not because of some religious reason.

          • Actually says:

            Actually religion and creation is the one thing that science has failed at disproving. It hasnt been proven so far but it also hasnt been disproved. And with time, more and more things in religion have been proven true. Although certain things people do take to far as this comment about sea foam. lol

          • Stop talking crap says:

            ACTUALLY, you know what else science hasn’t proven or disproven? The Loch Ness Monster. Unicorns. Cabbage Patch Kids.

          • meh says:

            Science i’m sure has disproven religion.. the earth isn’t a few thousand years old as religious books claim.. It’s millions..

          • questioner says:

            Astronomy and Cosmology

            Fact Bible verses Date of verse Discovered by science
            The stars are too great in number to count Genesis 15:5
            Jeremiah 33:22 Hebrews 11:12 1450-1410 BC
            627-585 BC
            64-68 AD 19th Century AD with the advent of powerful telescopes. Prior to this, most thought there were no more than 6,000 stars (what could be seen with the naked eye from all points on the earth). See this CNN report titled Star survey reaches 70 sextillion.

            The Earth is shaped like a sphere (round) and rotates Isaiah 40:22
            Luke 17:34-36 746-680 BC
            60 AD See this link for an interesting historical account of where the idea of a flat earth originated from. Also, Luke 17:34-36 depicts Christ’s Second Coming as happening while some are asleep at night and others are working at day-time activities in the field, an indication of a rotating earth with day and night at the same time.

            The sun is is moving
            through space in a huge orbit
            Note: There is another interpretation of this verse that suggests its talking about how the Sun appears to rise in the East and sets in the West (from Earth’s perspective). It is quite possible that this verse is not referring to the Sun’s orbital path at all. Psalms 19:4-6 About 1000 BC It was only recently discovered that the Sun is moving through space at about 600,000 miles per hour, in an orbit that would take an estimated 230,000,000 years to complete.

            Light travels in a path,
            darkness does not Job 38:19
            950 BC or
            earlier See excerpt from Bert Thompson, Ph.D in his book Christian Evidences.

            The universe is
            expanded from its
            original size
            17 verses spanning seven books of the Bible reference this. The first reference occurs in about 1000 BC; the last in about 518 BC (a span of almost 500 years). Edwin Hubble found evidence the universe has expanded in 1927.
            The universe is finite
            in size
            Bible verses showing the Universe is Finite in size
            (this link still under construction) Under construction We’re still researching this, but it appears from the articles below that scientists are still not sure of whether the universe is finite or infinite. The Bible appears to be very clear on the idea that it’s finite. Here’s a sampling of the scientific articles we found on this topic:
            Scientific American: Feature Article:Is Space Finite?: April 1999

            Earth floats freely
            in space Job 26-7 950 BC or
            earlier We’re still trying to track down when scientists discovered this.


            Fact Bible verses Date of verse Discovered by science
            Life is in our blood Leviticus 17:11
            Leviticus 17:14 1450-1410 BC
            1450-1410 BC During George Washington’s day, the practice of blood-letting to treat various kinds of illnesses was common. In fact, George Washington died from this very treatment. In 1830 AD, Dr. Marshall Hall came out in strong opposition to this practice. However, had any of the doctors who practiced this treatment read these Bible verses, they would have known that it could have fatal consequences..

            Circumcisions should be performed on the eighth day after birth Genesis 17:12 1450-1410 BC According to the Old Testament (Genesis 17:12), circumcision of newborn males was to be performed on the eighth day after birth. Why the eighth day? In 1935 Professor H. dam proposed the name “vitamin K” for the factor in foods which helped prevent hemorrhaging in baby chicks. We now know that vitamin K is responsible for the production of prothrombin by the liver. If vitamin K is deficient, there will be a prothrombin deficiency and hemorrhaging may occur, since both vitamin K and prothrombin are necessary for proper blood clotting. Oddly enough, it is only on the 5th through the 7th days of the newborn male’s life that vitamin K begins to be produced (the vitamin is normally produced by bacterial action in the intestinal tract). and it is only on day eight that the percentage of prothrombin climbs above 100% of normal! The only day in the entire life of the newborn that the blood clotting element prothrombin is that high is day eight. The best day for surgical procedure like circumcision is therefore day eight. (1)

            Jews and Arabs
            descendants of one
            verses in the
            Old and New
            testament 2000 – 3600
            years ago See Y-chromosomes confirm Genesis teaching about Abraham

            Laughter can
            promote physical
            healing Proverbs 17-22 950 – 700 BC We don’t know when the first scientific study was done on this topic. However, based on articles we’ve read on the internet, it appears that this was discovered within the past 10 – 50 years by scientists. For examples, see this link and this link.

            Depression can
            be harmful to your
            physical health
            Proverbs 17-22 950 – 700 BC We don’t know when the first scientific study was done on this topic. However, based on articles we’ve read on the internet, it appears that this was discovered within the past 10 – 30 years by scientists. For examples, see this link.


            The Jet Stream Ecclesiastes 1:6 935 BC First discovered by airmen during WW II. See more information here. But look here at Intellicast’s current graphical representation of the jet stream and you’ll see it matches the Bible’s description very nicely. Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. At its peak it’s 29,028 feet. Yet the Jet Stream exists from 32,800 and 164,100 feet. Since airplanes didn’t’ exist in 935 BC, how was the author of Ecclesiastes able to give such an accurate description of the jet stream? Keep in mind that Ecclesiastes was written AFTER all the upheaval of Noah’s flood. It is likely that Mount Everest was not as high in 935 BC as it is today, making it even more unlikely that humans could have used mountains to have discovered the jet stream. Consider the link How did Noah and others get by without oxygen tanks? for more information about this.

            Hydrological cycle Job 36:27-28
            Amos 9:6 950 BC or earlier
            755 BC This link gives some additional information about this. It also supports many of the statements made on this web page including a comment about the Bible predicting polar ice caps, which is something we didn’t address on this page.

            Air has weight Job 28-25 950 BC or
            earlier We’re still trying to track down when scientists discovered this.


            Fact Bible verses Date of verse Discovered by science
            Anthropic Principal New Isaiah 45-18 746-680 BC 20th century

            Dinosaurs and humans existed at the same time Gen. 1:23-27
            Job 40:15-24 1450-1410 BC
            950 BC or earlier Modern science is still playing catch-up to the Bible on this issue. The verses in Genesis establish the fact that dinosaurs and man were created on the same day (the 6th day of creation). The verses in Job describe a living creature Job was familiar with. Of all the creatures we know have ever existed, a dinosaur best fits the description of the animal given in Job 40. See our Evidence that Humans and Dinosaurs lived at the same time link for much more information about this.

            Entropy Psalms.102:25-26
            Isaiah 51:6
            Hebrews 1:10-11 About 1000 BC
            740-680 BC
            64-68 AD Rudolf (Julius Emanuel) Clausius formulated the Second Law of Thermodynamics in 1850.

            All things are made up of sub-atomic particles that are invisible to the naked eye Hebrews 11:3 64-68 AD The first sub-atomic particle to be discovered by modern science was the electron. It was first discovered by J.J. Thomson in 1897. See the story here.

            Time had a beginning New 1 Timothy 1-8-9 63 AD It’s difficult to pin down precisely when modern science concluded that time had a beginning. But based on links like this, it appears to be related to the discovery of Second Law of Thermodynamics and recent observations made in the science of cosmology. Of course modern science wrongly attributes it to being connected with the Big Bang, which of course is a fairy tale. For more information about when time began, see Interview of Dr. Russell Humphreys – Starlight and Time.

            Modern Technology

            Fact Bible verses Date of verse Discovered by science
            Modern communications, perhaps even satellite television broadcasts Rev. 11:7-11 About 90 AD This century. Click on the link to the Bible verses in Revelation 11:-7-11 for a detailed explanation.


            Fact Bible verses Date of verse Discovered by science
            The oceans have circulating currents or ‘paths’ Psalms 8:8
            Isaiah 43:16 About 1000 BC
            746-680 BC Late 1800’s. Dr. Matthew Maury is considered one of the major founders of the science of oceanography. He was a also a creationist who believed in the absolute authority and accuracy of the Bible. One day while he was sick in bed, he asked his son to read the Bible to him. One of the verses his son read was Psalms 8:8. That particular verse mentioned “paths” in the seas. Believing that the Bible must be correct about these “paths”, he set out to find them. As a result, Dr. Maury was the first to discover (in modern times) that the seas were circulating systems with interaction between wind and water.
            There are springs that arise from the ocean floor Job 38:16 950 BC or earlier The earliest secular references to these springs was by the Roman geographer Strabo, who lived from 63 BC to 21 AD. (1)
            Mountains and deep valleys exist on the ocean floor Job 38:16

            Jonah 2:5-6 950 BC or earlier
            840 or 586 BC The Challenger expedition (1873-1876) commenced the first scientific exploration of the ocean floor,during which a canyon 5 1/2 miles deep was discovered in the Pacific.

          • JayD says:

            Questioner, check your bible. First one Genesis 15:5 does not say the number are too great to be counted. He is asked if he can count them and god counts them for him.

            Your first one is false. The one about Earth being spherical and rotating is false. It only says the Earth is circle. Nothing about spherical or rotating. Check you source please.

          • JayD says:

            The 2 claims that I checked were fabricated. I didnt bother checking the others. Either you’re bearing false witness or you did not read them for yourself…

          • ...nerd??? says:

            you know what?science is not everything…..and it’s okay if that someone IS religious…’s NONE of your business!

          • Bored & Curious says:

            This comment is directed towards the person who challenged the ‘spherical/rotating’ question.

            I cannot speak for rotating, but if you would like another reference toward spherical, I point you to the book of Acts, chapter 1, verse 8. It’s a verse, fairly commonly quoted (at least by some denominations), which describes where the message is to be carried – First to Jerusalem (capital city), then Judea (the nation), then Samaria (neighboring nation to the north – shared history and culture with Judea; both were once part of Israel), then to the uttermost part of the earth. The KJV specifically states ‘uttermost -part-‘, something which isn’t necessarily accurate of a truly flat or plate-shaped earth, but is by definition for a globe (the antipodes). Assuming I did the coordinate map correctly, that point lies somewhere a bit under 300 miles from the island of Rapa Iti in the South Pacific.

        • Sam says:

          Guys Guys just hold on for a second and cut the man some slack
          He never said that science can’t explain .. he never said that it’s a pure religious phenomena .. and I’m sure he never called it a miracle
          He only said that it was mentioned as a “fact” in a 2000 old book
          now i’m pretty sure that SCIENCE can and will explain
          and that it’ll give hell of a precise explanation for the simplest minds
          but we [as muslims] take this phenomena as an example for what God can and able to do
          two different seas meet each other at one place but they never mix
          imagine water that don’t mix with water even with no land separating them
          again we believe that every thing has an explanation and we have been asked to look at the world and explore it and demand knowledge

          please be at ease with each others and try to reduce the gape which grows every day between the [East] and the [West]
          from my side i never held you a grudge now it’s your turn at least to be kind and understanding
          Peace be on you all …

      • Nick Mulgrave says:

        Please spare me the “My imaginary friend” is better than “Your imaginary friend” bullshit. As a matter of fact I have a real fear of being given 70 virgins after I die so please spare me the Islam conversion crap. The Koran does not even specify if these virgins a male or female. And anyway I prefer sluts. Go jump in a lake and tell me which verse drowning the ignorant appears in.

      • Azad Khan says:

        Certainly!. Also mentioned is the perfect shape of ur .. ass!!. No one .. can transgress that .. except idoiots .. like u!. This 2 is mentioned!!. Read the Q again!

    • thetrueone says:

      This reminds me so much of WoW when you meet the ocean waters where you take fatigue…: O

      • Gosh..... says:


    • Someone says:

      Nothing amazing or relgious here , the pale side is where the edge of the shallow reef underneath ends …..

  2. Dave says:

    i find it odd that brian has commented on this

  3. Skinny says:

    I find it odd that Dave commented on Brian commenting that no one has commented on this

  4. Skinny says:

    I also find it odd that there is no info about where this is taking place

  5. Mike says:

    Looks like Cape Reinga in New Zealand. Tasman meets the south pacific

  6. chris says:

    in the photographer’s words “I thought this was the most unusual thing I saw on the Alaskan cruise in the water. These two bodies of water were merging in the middle of the gulf and there was a foam developing only at their junction.”

    Here is the original post including a map of the approx. location.


  7. Mimi says:

    I find it odd that brain, dave, and skinny have commented on this.
    epic. thank you stumbleupon.

  8. grammer notsee says:

    Phenomena=more than one phenomenon. This is a picture of a phenomenon, not a “phenomena.” Yoo fix nao.

  9. Kyle says:

    Looks like Downtown Chicago to me…yep, definitely Chicago.

  10. david says:

    I find it odd that brain, dave, skinny, and mimi have commented on this.

    pleasing. thank you stumbleupon.

  11. Ryan says:

    There different temperatures

    • steve says:

      There, there, different temperatures, there there. Good boy!

      (You mean “They’re”)

      • Stacey says:

        Should Ryan have said, “different temperatures there” it would have made some sense. But alas, there are too many who get their grammer wrong. They’re never going to get it right if they don’t learn the difference.

    • danskids says:

      Both bodies of water could also have different salinity and the saltier water is probably sinking below the less salty. what you see here is probably the less salty water’s ‘OVERHANG’ similar to a warm weather front being occluded by a cold front, where two weather fronts meet at the top of the troposphere is analogous to the ‘meeting point’ as seen in this photo. DUNNO WHAT THE FOAM IS THOUGH!

  12. monkeypuss says:

    It is also clearly stated in the bible:
    Jeremiah, 2:13:
    “And woe unto you, that the waters may be rent and sundered. But upon your dutiful slaying for your Lord’s pleasure, a small number of she-goats and hens; several sloths, and not least the mice of the field, and crickets and other crawling beasts, should that be your way, that you may please the Lord.” Of course, that’s not really in the bible, but it could be. Does it make a difference in its ludicrosity?

  13. D-Rock says:

    1) I find it odd that I am taking the time to write this comment.
    2) Monkeypuss: I like your name – very unique, or odd, if you will.
    3) Monkeypuss: Ludicrosity isn’t a word.
    4) Monkeypuss: You shouldn’t mock the Bible, you ninny. It may be old and contain “odd” and outdated material in it, BUT IT’S F’ING OLD. There’s plenty of good reasons to read it and you should be smart enough to know that already with a name like Monkeypuss. Now go forth and read It unto yourself and pray on your knees that God’s will be done. Word!

  14. kennedy says:

    I find it odd that brain, dave, skinny, and mimi have commented on this and then dave, commented about his comment, about everyone’s comments and know i have commented on this causing me to be now part of the commented civilized spectrum of comments.

    pleasing. thank you stumbleupon.

  15. =Cindy= says:

    Fabulous place, possibley odd but disturbing that some arsehole is going to use it as some metaphor for religious bollocks. Oh, and although the Tasman Sea meeting the Pacific is indeed a most powerful location, the above pic doesn’t really do it justice, Mike. PS: I find it odd that anyone believes in superstitious nonsense like religion.

  16. Brad says:

    Um…it’s a halocline…it’s not that unusual, though this one is particularly well defined. Haloclines occur when denser fresh water meets less dense salt water. There’s definitely nothing particularly mystical about it, sorry religious folks.

    Probably a glacial flow…possibly caused by an estuary though less likely. Definitely not from two salt-water bodies meeting, so could not be cape reinga.

    • Brett says:

      I find it odd that Brad believes that fresh water is denser than salt water. Due to the fact that salt water is called such because of its high concentration of molecules including mainly salts. Thus causing the solution we call salt water to be more dense than fresh water with less molecules of other elements in it.

      tl;dr You’re dumb, fresh water is less dense than salt water.

      • Marcel says:

        Salt water floats on fresh water

        • Marcel says:

          My bad. It’s the other way around. But colder fresh water from the glaciers sink to the bottom of the sea and form a current that circles the oceans that eventually becomes the gulf stream as it picks up heat near the equator that warms northern Europe mixing with the salt water as it flows.

  17. Tegan says:

    this is just a normal occurrence.. thsi happens at the cape of good hope in south africa where the indian and the atlantic meet.

  18. awesomesauce says:

    The reason behind this is the fact that on the left hand side(with the lighter colour water) is runoff from the land which contains fertilizer and other pollutants. The right hand side (the darker colour) is the water that has no chemicals and fertilizers. The point where they meet is the point that it all mixes together. Slowly killing all the wildlife and fish within the Gulf.

    • John Knoefler says:

      “The reason behind this is the >>???fact???<<<(Really?) that on the left hand side… is runoff from the land which contains fertilizer and other pollutants."

      Really? Did you test the water? Do you know from what land mass it originates? The coloration could also be due to minerals or a host of other things. Fertilizer would tend to promote algae growth which would be a darker color.
      "The right hand side (the darker colour) is the water that has no chemicals and fertilizers."
      Since literally almost ALL rivers flow to the sea would not all the "chemicals and fertilizers" end up there? And if there are no "chemicals and fertilizers" in the darker hued waters, then where did these pollutants go? Hmm? Maybe algae and microbes used them up? Hmm?

      "The point where they meet is the point that it all mixes together."
      "Slowly killing all the wildlife and fish within the Gulf."
      Really? Um, hate to burst your little man hating bubble but the "pollution" you are talking about actually creates life. The "foam" is a result of increased biological activity that is using the nutrient rich water for fuel. Clean water has little life because there is nothing to nourish the life processes.

      • Oribear says:

        I think they were writing more about highlighting the damage that polution is causing.You should lighten up and stop being such a tosser!!

      • Izumi says:

        I’m not sure if you’re trolling or not.

        Clean water has plenty of life in it. There was life in the water long before man started adding these “life-nourishing” pollutants.

        Clean water, if we’re talking about water lacking chemical pollution, still has plenty of minerals/sediment/a myriad of other particles.

  19. dragan says:

    It could be a coral reef under area left, so shallower water, different color, and wave making foam like when touching coast line.

  20. Bob Bobbington says:

    Yep, nothing unusual about it. There’s also a very good example of this shown on one of David Attenborough’s documentaries… I think it’s the ‘Planet Earth’ one maybe… I believe that one was do do with the fresh water run off from the amazon mixing with the salt water of the sea or something… Can’t quite remember now… Was a while ago I saw it.

  21. Vincent says:

    There are many explanations for this. In fact, when I was in Costa Rica last year I saw this same thing. ANd it’s easy to explain: it’s because of different temperatures of the water meeting, depth of the water as well, runoff from land, even sea life and plant life can effect this kind of thing.

    No, this is not a ‘religious’ event where the ‘good old lord’ parted the sea here, THIS at least, is not one of them

  22. Ginger says:

    I told god that he shouldn’t play with chalk anymore… But he never listens to me…

  23. Silly people says:

    You silly ppl, Every Thing is Religion Related as EVERY Thing has been created for the purpose of One Religion. Can’t you use your brains. Go get a Translation of Quran=e=Pak and read for this sign. how was it explained in Quran some 15 Hundred Years ago when ppl are coming to know about such things NOW !! You Silly Silly ppl !! Go Spend some money and Actually Chase after the You Tube Videos that show the Miracles of Islam and ALLAH.Dont comment if you haven’t actually seen it or seen some proof of it.

    • allahsucks says:

      i have read the quran. it’s bs just like every other religious book. it’s vague enough so whoever reads it to you can interpret it whatever way he wishes. i can take any story in any religious book and spin it into any story you want to hear. when someone isn’t being specific it’s not because they’re testing you, it’s because they’re hiding something. worship me or you’ll burn in hell and kill anyone who doesn’t follow my teachings. does that really sound like a all loving all knowing supreme being to you? sounds like a greedy selfish human to me. i’ll put it another way for you, are you really going to believe something someone with the equivalent of a kinder garden education wrote over 2,000 years ago? if you wish to waste your life worshiping a magic ghost that is your choice, please don’t preach it to a chat room full of people that don’t want to hear it.

  24. Adam says:

    Have an open mind with these fascinating occurrences. Science will always provide an explanation for something in whatever way it can..after it happens. This is only but one of the many signs the Quran talks about before the practicle age of science. These are signs for people who reflect.

    If I was Christian, Hindu etc and I knew of a book which people claimed had incredible signs, I would want to look at it. It does not hurt to do a little research before immediately rejecting something…

  25. LillyCutie says:

    hi….first of all,we all have our own opinions….some says there’s a scientific explanations & some just thinks it’s god that made this happen…..but the thing is,we should NOT fight about it…………..(^_^)

  26. bobba says:

    this is no phenomenon, miracle, religious happening, it happens every day in my harbor in Australia, the (darker)water run out from the creeks and rivers carrying silt and less dense fresh water from rain, hits the water coming from deeper sea water(clearer), every fisherman worth his salt knows this is an area where bait fish school and predatory fish, usually pelagic fish such as mackeral, tuna, mahi mahi and sailfish, hunt.

  27. ashley says:

    Its a tide line. In areas of big tide, a massive body of water will push its way out of an area and where it meets the incoming tide it forms a line, and often foam forms due to the opposing motion of the water. Ive seen this occur many many times especially in Western Australia where the tides can be up to 11 meters in range.

  28. John says:

    All religions nowadays are ridiculous. The fact that the churches have undergone 2000 years of greed and corruption should speak for itself.
    I believe they are all based around Sumerian religion but drifted apart.
    Fuck it, anyway the picture is sick as 🙂

  29. Robert says:

    It’s called a “tide streak”. It happens when 2 opposing tides meet each other. The foam is nothing more than air bubbles.

  30. K-swiss says:

    All of you bashers of religion, answer why science can’t explain of how Reverse transcriptase came before the DNA even though Rna comes from DNA….and you need RNA to convert it to DNA through reverse transcriptase….science doesn’t have the answers, clearly there’s a higher power at work my friends

    Science is only limited to the power of observation aka the 5 senses, if i lock you in a dark room with no windows does time seize to exist just because you can’t see the day or night or have a watch with you? and even according to science there is no such thing as dark….its light, dim light or no light, same applies to cold, science agrees that there is mega heat, heat or complete absence of heat….

    as far as religion is concerned i’d look into Islam, The Quran actually has scientific basis behind its verses, go look up a reknowned Embryologist Kieth L. Moore, every med school student HAS to study his book and research, even he agreed that the Quran mentioned the appearance of an embryo at each stage and after his research he was baffled to find that the Quran had already mentioned of what he found out thousands of years ago! Open your eyes and mind towards the facts, and stop using immature defenses like name calling and Faith bashing.

    • J says:

      You may want to look at a molecular evolutionary view as to the lineage of reverse transcriptase. In addition, the KEY importance of scientific reasoning is HOW a question is approach and HOW an answer is sought. It is HOW a fact is AGREED to be a fact and not whether, as a community, scientists know the answer to a particular question.

    • Izumi says:

      Even if science doesn’t have all the answers yet, it doesn’t mean that there’s “clearly” a supernatural power at work.

      Over the centuries, when great scientists became stuck and were unable to progress in their research (sometimes due to limitations in technology,) they often said “Beyond here is God’s territory.”
      And then a few centuries later, a new scientist would make a breakthrough. Then when they were eventually stumped, they’d say the same thing, defending their inability to progress by saying that man simply wasn’t meant to understand certain things.

      Spirituality and religion are fine, and provide comfort and peace of mind to many people. However, they shouldn’t be used as excuses to give up the pursuit of scientific research.

  31. Saluka says:

    This is a great picture, I do wonder what it would be like to cross over that line.

    ‘Of course modern science wrongly attributes it to being connected with the Big Bang, which of course is a fairy tale’

    Just like the bible some may say?… I agree that we haven’t been able to prove or disprove the existence of God or any other, however it’s just as ignorant for you to claim that something exists merely because it can not be disclaimed, it is the same reason why many do not believe in religion and it’s god/s, lack of proof. If I were to tell you that I was your god, you would deny me and ask for proof to which I could answer that this was a test of faith. (A giant hypocrisy, you don’t ask god to prove his existence otherwise you wouldn’t be able to follow him, because he himself has not for whatever reason whether he does or does not which is why due to free will, a lot of people will find it impossible to be ‘believers’.)

    Keep the preachy crap away. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and we are all aware of various religions out there. If someone seeks for a religion then fair enough, but don’t go crazy saying something like science, a work in progress has fairy tale stuff in it… At least it is trying unlike god who has yet to prove his existence.

  32. Kiwi says:

    Hi I’m Kiwi. No I’m not from New Zealand and yes that is a sick name. I am 15 years old, I go to a tiny school, and I think that religion and science will never get along but I have read all of the comments and I think that the picture looks like the comments. Two opposing tides (religion vs. science) clash causing foam and tumult. I hate seeing science people and religious people bash each other for their differences, we are all allowed to believe in what we want and we shouldn’t hate each other for it. It’s a simple thing we all learn in kinder garden, we may all look different, act different, hell even smell different, but the thing is EVERYBODY POOPS!!! we are all the same we all have blood pulsing through our veins, we all have brains, we all have hearts, were all living on this planet (except for the astronauts in the ISS) so why can’t we look at those similarities and share our crayons?? This is just a really cool picture that someone found and posted hoping to get comments like ‘cool’ and ‘nice pic’ ok so can we set aside our differences and agree to disagree?? Please?

    • Izumi says:

      -thumbs up- We need more 15-year-olds with your seeming capacity for rationality, insight, and consideration.

      Neat name too.

  33. shark says:

    I don’t know if you people have thought of this but MAYBE just MAYBE there might be a casm between them and instead of transgresing they actualy just descend into the casm hence the foam rising because of air bubles mixing with the salt in the water coming out of this “abyss”.

  34. z2d4th says:

    you are all correct but the author misled you some how, it s all because of photoshop

  35. kiki says:

    I’m a muslim and I can say for a fact that this exists, in the quran it is mentioned that there are two sea’s that do not merge. there is also the story of a french scientist if I remember right that after finding this and hearing that this was mentioned in the quran, he became a muslim

  36. Ali says:

    Watch “Inconvenient truth” movie by US Vice President Al-Gore to learn about how different waters in sea do not trangress in each other. As mentioned in Quran also.
    Then comment what is logical & what is sea foam !

  37. mie says:

    Why we have to argued about religions? Hey! Don’t because of this, we built hatred among us. Why don’t we study it together so that we can share the knowledge more indeed. By arguing brought us no-way. We are ONE. No more and no less.

  38. Joanass says:

    The tide moves with the moon and the sea foam is encapsulated by the wind and gravity

  39. XxhaloxX says:

    I really DON’T find it hard to believe that whoever does not believe in the existence of God will surely die and suffer.

  40. Lomion says:

    Religion is based on faith, it does not require proof. Many (most?) religions have sacred documents that are often misrepresented, sometimes by accident and sometimes by intent.

    Science is based on facts that are also often misrepresented by accident or sometimes intent.


    1. FACT: The Sun, Moon and all the planets revolve around the Earth.. Oops, that wasn’t right.

    2. FACT: The planets revolve around the sun, while the sun and moon revolve around the Earth.. Nope, wrong again.

    3. FACT: All the planets (and Dwarf Planets) in our solar system revolve around our sun. Maybe we’ve got it right now.. Maybe..

    … Perhaps for most of us, science is also based on faith? LOL

  41. Reach says:

    I find it odd that no one stops to think that, if a being is powerful and intelligent enough to create the Universe, he may also be smart enough to implement scientific laws in order to govern said universe. I believe in a God. I believe in the Big Bang and evolution as well. I do not believe that the existence of a chair disproves the existence of a carpenter.

  42. Check again says:

    Looks more like a photoshopped picture of an empty sea beach whose colour has been changed to light blue,and is this about the photo or stupid a religion vs science debate ‘coz most of you people suck when it comes to debating on your principles.(Many of them are probably based on what you learnt as a child so you took it as a default in your then single minded brain)

  43. ibrahim says:

    man creating every all religion and they saya that religion come from god..super stupid religion people!

  44. Tiggy says:

    Come to Cape Point in Cape Town South Africa. There is where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet and this kind of thing is not a irregular or religous event its just where the 2 oceans meet and take some pics of it maybe take your grandma or your cousin from Ohio…Get off your high horses

  45. makingnocents says:

    i’m commenting because i want to do so! ha! your god can’t stop me! hahaha!

  46. redruby says:

    The ocean carries little secrets on its back!

  47. Amz says:

    All he is sayin is that its scientifcally justified what the religion claimed a thousand million years ago. Tho science still does not have 100% justification why. Respect. Religion haters : these things are not of your calibre, dont waste time just have enough ettiquetes to show respect for other religions.

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