This Mill was Abandoned 1866. in Sorrento, Italy





  1. FlashTec says:

    If i had the cash i would deffinetly by that place and restore it to a ultramodern home, looks awesome 😛

  2. josh says:

    I agree, it is beautiful the way it is. How magnificent that an abandon piece of our past can show us the future.

  3. Patty Jean says:

    I love this! If I could, I would make sure that I got to see it before I died. It shall be my dying wish.

  4. Nick says:

    Thats the Forest Temple in Zelda!

  5. Edward Torres says:

    I been here and saw this and discovered it all by myself and I just Stumbled on this and blew my mind! I took a picture of it when I was in europe! B4 this I had no clue this was a mill

  6. london song says:

    i love stuff like this it is so beautiful and elegent but it is a wierd at the same time wondering what happend before it was abandoned

  7. Joss says:

    Ohhh my god!!!… What a magnificent piece of our past.

  8. doug pridgeon says:

    so why just one photo???

  9. Joy says:

    I would buy it and only restore as much as needed to live in it like a castle. I would try and leave as much of its look as I could.

  10. Christian Maresch says:

    This could not happen in North-America They would have demolished it lomg time ago like everything else!

  11. amal says:

    looks like mill in counter strike ==’ huh

  12. alex says:

    wow that roof is still there !!!

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