This I call Perfect Shot




  1. sully says:

    this i call photoshop

  2. Anna says:

    people who doubt pretty pictures take the fun out of them. Who cares if it’s photoshopped? It’s cool. that’s all that matters

    • blah says:

      this picture is obviously photoshopped. and how does that take the fun out of it? that does not even make any sense…. maybe next time before trashing someone, think of a good comeback first.

      • null says:

        go troll elsewhere. it’s a cool shot, photoshopped or not.

        • Dominic says:

          If it is Photoshop…they did a great job with the light angle.

        • zwenkwiel says:

          it’s a cool shot but if it is indeed photoshopped the coolness of it kind of drops fast.
          because making such a photo for real would be infinitely harder and more complex thus making it more of an achievement than simply pasting a plane into it in PS

  3. Yoyoyo says:

    I agree with Anna, and also the world is full of people with cameras…anyone can take an awesome increible picture at any time…maybe not everyone but some people do !

  4. poop says:

    This is either some real good shoppage, or a real good photo. light angles are often the giveaway of photoshopped pictures, and if you look at both the plane and the building on the right, you will see the light is coming from the same side.

  5. tyler says:

    it’s totally real. some idiots just have to go around and claim everything is fake for no reason

    • mark says:

      You can often prove if a photo has ben faked, you can never prove that it was taken as a single shot. It would not be difficult to take this shot, it merely takes a bit of planning and timing there are very many airports around the world where planes fly this close to housing.

      It also would require only very basic editing skills to use PS to create the image.

      Is it fair to call it out if one thinks it is fake? Yes, because OP claims it is a ‘perfect shot’. If you make a claim, others are free to challenge that. Although to be fair, providing evidence for your argument is more honest than simply shouting “is not!”…”is too!” At each other.

  6. mouseandcat says:

    If you really want to get all forensic up in the photo’s business, consider this: A plane flying that low suggests that this particular location is likely near an airport, so it would not be uncommon for planes to be flying overhead. The photographer merely has to wait at that spot and try his or her best to time the shot just right. It could be there are several failed attempts, but the audience sees only the most successful one. Even so (and assuming it is real), kudos to the photographer for the interesting idea for a shot.

  7. :) says:

    this comment is to the lovley man whos commenting name was “poop” i do like you sir, and i hope you have a great day

  8. neal says:

    depending on how low the plane is, the landing gear should be down.

    • Kyle says:

      Unless it was taking off and already retracted them. Planes traveling great distances take off at very shallow ascent vectors.

  9. Reach says:

    this is… wow. This is unbelievable. Are we really in this heated of a debate over whether or not a single picture is real or not? Good Lord, people.

  10. nils says:

    bla bla photoshop… it’s actually not that hard to capture such a photo. just go nearby an airport and find the right spot, planes will fly overhead every 5-10 minutes.
    i was waiting for my bus (which took another 10 minutes to reach the airport) for about 15 minutes and saw 3 airplanes, which were flying way lower than this one, so stop hatin’, such a picture is absolutely possible, period.

  11. wallerron says:

    I live under the flight in to a major airport in Sweden, and I can tell you that this picture is possible with a stand, very short shutter-speed and timing.
    Because when a plane comes by – you’ll know it long long time ahead – and the sound will be a give-away as to when to snap the photo. The rest? A little bit luck. 😉

  12. cheese says:

    No residential building would be placed that close to an airport, let alone an entire living complex. No one would stay there. Photoshopped defintely 🙂 looks pretty cool though. would have been a good shot without the plane too

    • cheese nip says:

      No, I know a few people that live in apartments literally a stone’s throw from their place. They have planes flying over them every 5 minutes. It’s rough but they do have places for living close to airports

    • comeagain says:

      ever been to San Diego? planes do fly this low to residential buildings.

  13. hank says:

    where was this shot taken

  14. bela says:

    pretty sure this is in rio de janeiro, brazil

  15. poop says:

    LOL you people are SO lame. Enjoy the pic or don’t. No one cares.

  16. fretgee says:

    wow great pic!!!

  17. Akiki1234 says:

    This photo wasn’t done with photo shop. saw it on another site with the photographers notes on how he took it. amazing

  18. Hugo says:

    I’ve done some calculate, if the balcony has 3.5m in heigth and 2.5m in wide and as the airplane is a airbus A-319 with 34.10m wingspan, then I could say that the airplane is flying at 90m high, almost 300 feet. I also consider that the building has 6 floor and 30m in height.

  19. Hugo says:

    We can also conclude that the airplane is turning because the wings (left to right) should longer than the airplane (front to back), and in the photo the wing are a bit smaller.

  20. Shanon says:

    The building is pretty cool. I’d like to live on the top floor.

  21. Adele says:

    I am guessing the photographer had to lie down…

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